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     A Stephen King-like Tale of Coronavirus,

    Twisted Politics and a Natural Break

Por: By: Mark Jordan

Oh what a year it has been for human kind with the coronavirus outbreak and all the Stephen King novel-type events that have transpired in only 100 plus days. Most people on social media dreaded 2019 for various personal reasons; however, they remained in good spirits, because the decade was ending, and with a new decade came the promise of brighter days. .

“I'm ready for you 2020, this is my year,” read many of the posts our staff stumbled across on Facebook & Instagram. Of course when the clock struck twelve on December 31st—and the luckier ones got to literally kiss the year goodbye— the corona-virus was already beating the bangs out of a nine million Chinese city that seemed unworldly to us Westerns who hear those news as a distant reverberation of mother nature's tries to balance out all the side effects of centuries of human abuse.

Then along came January, a month that seemed to last a decade and that, in retrospect, was clearly the red flag—if not the beginning—of what was to come.

Now, over 1 million, 337 thousand cases and counting of corona-virus worldwide, the question is: are we in a Stephen King novel? Or is God playing a game of Jumanji in heaven, is the earth just shaking to take the edge off of global warming, or all of the above?

The question remains, and the promise of a better tomorrow hangs in the air; nonetheless, one thing is clear: Should this be a bacteriological war, or a coronavirus outbreak caused by a lab experiment gone wrong its uniting human kind more than ever. If there were a positive angle to this tragedy, it would be that society worldwide is coming together thanks to corona-virus.

For decades, higher powers have divided societies through political belief beefs, religious discrepancies and wealth unbalance, but the corona-virus outbreak has brought upon trying times that have made regular people, from all walks of life and all corners of the world, unite in a common purpose—for once getting the vast majority of us to focus on what matters. Its like mother nature used corona-virus to cut out our primal behavior and reel our focus back into health, environmental fairness, love, and survival without excess.

It's awful to see so many innocent people sickening or dying just because a few riches disrupted balance out of greed and power thirst. It's even more annoying to see those higher powers now profiting off corona-virus effects all the while portraying themselves—and their big corporations— as heroes. They say the creator of the disease is usually the merchant of the cure and this situation feels no different.

Particularly in the United States, there is a situation that has been ruffling feathers for the past few days as we all follow corona-virus news, and that is how politically advantageous the leader of the country has seemed at a time when “the people” need his leadership more.


Yes, he signed a several billion corona-virus relief designed to give all qualifying applicants the chance to collect up to U.S. $1,200 subsidy to help themselves out with rent, food and daily expenses, yet his efforts will only be of help for so long. There are many people whose stability was saved by this lifeline, but relief aside, it's still shady. It's shady because it overshadows the fact that over 6 million Californians alone—according to unemployment filings—had a job before the crisis, but almost anyone have any savings.

Yes, the corona-virus check saved many, but the question remains, why can't hardworking Americans afford to save money for a rainy day if Trump's economy is thriving? It seems more like a medal hanging off of very thin pins and needles. Moreover, his efforts feel more campaign-like per his now well-known style of doing well to get better, instead of just doing some good for the sake of people.

Furthermore, when you see the 45th President of the United States cut off the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Alex Azar, to avoid questionings on the effectiveness of Cloroquine to battle corona-virus—as well as to avoid media grilling on the many side effects health experts have stated it has—that doesn't sound as someone who has America's best interest at heart, even more when cases in the country have surpassed the 360 thousand mark, with over ten thousand deaths. That sounds like someone who'll do anything not to be exposed as a man who doesn't know—or worse, as man who chooses to ignore what he knows.


As medical doctors come on TV to talk about the potential harm of the drug, the main power figure of the country says maybe it won't help, but it's not going to hurt or, what do you have to lose?, when it clearly is going to hurt people without any guarantee of it helping them beat corona-virus.

Now, just a few hours after he irresponsibly went on a press conference to cut off his health professional—one he chose to trust and rely on—a 69 year old man from Arizona has died for using a non-medical version of the chemical.

The man and his wife, 61, wanted to prevent themselves from getting corona-virus and decided to acquire a fish tank cleaning version of it that they took in a teaspoon mixed with soda; within' 30 minutes they were both rushed to an emergency room in Phoenix where the man died and his wife remains in critical condition.

That said, the earth is clearly firing a warning shot at all of us to stop abusing it. Posts stating now we know how animals in captivity feel have been circulating as a lesson that must be learned from the corona-virus tragedy. Millions of lives will be lost in vain if those who are lucky enough to survive go back to who they were without becoming better individuals.


Good news—within' in the mist of corona-virus—are that 600 turtles laid eggs in the beaches of India thanks to the quarantine, while a wale was seen in the popular bay of Acapulco in Mexico—first sighting in 20 plus years. Penguins were taken out to see the rest of the animals in the San Diego Zoo and so it feels like the rest of the species are on vacation from the segregation humans have subjected them to for thousands of years.

We are one with the planet; therefore, we might as well learn from this experience and choose leaders who promote balance, unity and well-being for all living creatures.

Stay home, stay safe.




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